"For the last two years, I’ve visited Edinburgh and on both occasions have visited Diana who has ironed out the cricks and creaks that come with being a writer and hunched over a keyboard each day. Her hot stones are the best and, in my view, she is a miracle worker. I walk out each time feeling a new woman."

Fanny Blake, London

"Won a session with Diana – best prize I have ever won. Very professional, lots of info to take away and a real treat for me as a first massage. Thank you"

Michele Liston, Edinburgh

"Diana is an absolute gem, she has established the source of my pain, and her sessions have resolved the problem fantastically. I cannot recommend Bodyrocktherapy highly enough."

Jane Margiotta, East Lothian

"Diana did wonders for my shoulder and hip aches and pains. Not only is she very professional and knowledgable, she has passed on a number of simple exercises that I can do on my own to maintain the muscle groups."

Sharon Rosanne Andrews, London

"Diana has worked wonders on my neck & shoulder that I hurt a few months back in just 2 massages. She’s very professional & makes you feel at ease. I felt a big difference even after the first massage. I was given exercises to help stretch those muscles out in-between massages which was good. Diana also corrected my pelvis, as it was out of alignment after having my second Daughter. I couldn’t sit on the floor before without a lot of pain trying to stand up. Highly recommend Diana."

Amanda Edmond, East Lothian

"Warm, welcoming and very professional. Always helps fix my aches and pains and avoid repeat injuries with helpful advice."

Dawn Thompson, Fife

"Had a fantastic therapeutic massage from Diana just over a week ago. She is very knowledgeable and took great care and time to identify what has been causing my knee problem. She helped relieve the pain and tightness with her treatment plus suggested stretches and exercises to do at home to help recovery."

Hazel Davidson-Smith, Edinburgh

"Diana has been a whizz when it comes to helping me with my sports ravaged muscles and problems stemming from several spinal surgeries! Diana is the epitome of professional, always finding new and innovative ways to tackle and manage my issues and provide additional support in the form of exercises and general guidance. I highly recommend Bodyrocktherapy!"

Jen Langford, Edinburgh

"I initially went to Diana for recurring shoulder issues. She was friendly, professional and extremely knowledgeable. A few months ago I pulled a muscle in my back and could hardly move. I noticed a difference after one session and was almost completely back to normal after four or five sessions. Diana works with you to find the root of the problem during your visit and gave advice with helpful exercises and stretches for continued work at home. She is fantastic and I would highly recommend Bodyrocktherapy :)"

Jenny Huffman, Edinburgh

"After suffering for two years with a really bad back and daily headaches, I made the decision to get some massage treatment and came across Diana at bodyrocktherapy. For the last 2-3 months I have been having weekly massages and have experienced a big improvement in my health. Diana made the effort to find the root cause of my problems, especially with my back pain, and tailored the massage sessions based on these assessments.

Through a combination of various massage techniques, my back is now in much better shape and improving with every session. Also my headaches have subsided from a daily basis to maybe once a fortnight and improving all the time. I would highly recommend Diana if you are suffering back pain and tension headaches."

Carl Farrell, Edinburgh

"After 16 years of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and a lifetime of riding a bike, my body was completely shot. I first visited Diana for an assessment of the damage caused by bad posture and never stretching after exercise. She quickly determined that I was suffering from chronic issues in both my legs and back but even after one session, and a small amount of homework on my part, I realised that her care was going to make a difference.

Diana is able to apply her skill and experience to the real life underlying cause – in my case the position on a bike – so that a programme can be devised that includes both prevention and cure. The first few months in particular have made a huge difference to my daily level of discomfort – or now comfort, which translates to more hours in the saddle.

Diana consults as she goes and adjusts the treatment so the session is used effectively as possible. See never seems to watch the clock so while the key objective is therapeutic, the overall effect is quite relaxing. Furthermore, Diana will often follow-up with an after session email to get the initial feedback on how the body responds so that the detail is not forgotten by the next visit.

I would recommend Diana to everyone who is actually in pain or who wants to prevent pain as part of their routine training regime. Provided that they don’t stop me from being able to book my usual slot…"

John Probert, Eskbank

"I have been having regular treatment from Diana since early 2010, during this time I was pregnant and suffering from Scoliosis in my upper back. I have continued to see Diana as she has been a great help in maintaining my back.

I would recommend Diana to anyone who has back pain. I have also enjoyed her relaxing hot stone massage which was lovely! Well worth an appointment."

Lynne Algar, Roslin

"I would highly recommend Diana to anyone who is in need of massage therapies. Diana is kind, generous, sensitive to her patient’s needs and devoted to provide the best care for her patients as possible.

Although already a proficient massage therapist, in her spare time, Diana regularly assist and receive technical trainings that she owns a great well of massage techniques from different schools of disciplines.

She is able to flexibly apply these different types of techniques accordingly to her patient’s needs. It is a great fortune that one can be her patient."

Jessica Chen-Burger, Livingston

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