What is Sports Massage?

Many sporting activities such as running, golf, football, cycling and tennis can contribute to muscle groups becoming repetitively overused. This overuse can result in dysfunction developing within the soft tissue.

Sports massage is a beneficial tool to incorporate into ANY level of training regime.

It works by engaging deeply with the soft tissue structures of the body allowing improved muscle function, flexibility, and mobility.   It is also highly recommended during pre and post events to both prepare the muscles and assist recovery.

Following sports injury, treatment doesn’t simply involve administering a ‘deep tissue massage’.  Rehabilitation is a very complex process and focuses on applying specific knowledge to an advanced remedial massage treatment to bring about repair and recovery.

Healing, Repair & Recovery

By understanding what healing stages are going on in the body following injury, it allows the correct massage treatment to be administered and follow up exercises to be given as part of your rehabilitation. This can vary from working with acute injuries to chronic musculoskeletal problems that have developed scar tissue and subsequently affecting the range of movement and possibly causing pain.

Using conventional massage treatment which encourages blood flow and repair but also implementing advanced techniques and stretching to assist with improving muscle function, mobility, and repair.

Beneficial For All

Sports massage is an incredibly beneficial treatment for those suffering from chronic muscle tightness, sporting fatigue, and injury at any level.

Whether you are training for your first 10k charity run or you are involved in serious competitive sport, sports massage (or deep tissue massage as it is often commonly described as)  is an excellent physical therapy which can help prevent injury as well as assist with athletic performance.

Incorporating sports massage treatment into your training programme will encourage blood flow and nutrients back into the muscle and surrounding joints which will encourage repair and improve functioning, flexibility, and mobility.

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