Whats included in the membership +?
  • Access to 3 live-streamed classes per week
  • Catch up on live classes in your own time (view as often as you fancy)
  • Growing class library to replay
  • Wellbeing & Self Care series with new weekly content added for injury-free living
  • Online version of the 2 hour Myofascial Spiky Ball & Band Workshop


How much is the membership + ?

The cost of all this content and the 3 classes is £55/month, making this more cost-effective than paying for the equivalent individual classes or block options.  Sound good?  Great, read on ......

I'm interested, but is there an option for me without Pilates ?

Absolutely!! Yes and Yes!  If you'd rather just have access to the pre-recorded videos and skip the live-streaming, then this package is only £20/month.  You can access the content as often as you need, making this a go-to option for tackling those aches, pains, and niggles from training hard both on and off the couch.

Members are also encouraged to request specific content to help keep the library relevant and inclusive to everybody.

  • Stress & Anxiety Support
    • Regular LIVE streamed bedtime guided relaxation included in both memberships.
    • This has been created to help you unwind and drift off into a peaceful slumber whilst also learning tips on how to prepare yourself for improved sleep every night.
Live Streamed Classes

If you're keen to do 2 classes or more per week, the membership + package is for you.  This membership allows you to attend all 3 of the live-streamed classes, whilst also being able to catch up in your own time if you can't make it (because life happens sometimes!!)

Catch-Up Anytime

The class library grows with your membership.. the longer you stay the more you're rewarded .. yeay!


PREHABit Self Care Series

You'll also get access to a collection of pre-recorded PREHABit videos that are aimed at offering you guidance and help with musculoskeletal stretches and exercises to keep your body injury free whilst you're unable to attend treatment.

The series of videos will grow along with your membership with new content being added each week.  Specific content can also be requested by members as part of bigger look at what people need.

Online Myofascial Ball & Band Workshop

The studio version of this workshop was a 2-hour long exploration of how exactly to use the classic spikey massage ball and Theraband to work the entire body.

In this online version, the videos will be in bite-size portions looking at different areas of the body.

Whether you're in need of a shoulder or hip release or your lower back just needs some love,  this workshop has you covered. We use the ball to help address myofascial adhesions and restrictions whilst you're also guided through Theraband stretches for improved flexibility and range of motion.

These fantastic little tools are perfect for addressing the niggles that build-up day to day or to simply prevent them from taking hold in the first place.


How do i join?

 If this all sounds pretty good to you, then simply click the 'Sign Me Up' link below.

You'll automatically be redirected to the Namastream platform where you can create your membership and get going straight away.

See you on the mat!


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