So here goes!! My first ever blog.  As someone who doesn't really post many status updates on my own personal Facebook page, getting to grips with using social media as a way of promoting my business is something a little bit alien to me.  However, i'm really keen to bite the bullet and embrace what is the world wide web because I'm really passionate about getting the massage message out there.

Just 2 months ago I left my full time job as a research assistant with the Medical Research Council to allow myself the freedom to transition into being a full time massage therapist.  Giving up my very comfortable job to enter into the world of self employed business owner felt like I was suddenly flying by the seat of my pants but since qualifying as a massage therapist back in 2007 by heart and passion has firmly been routed in helping people through massage.  So I knew, even with all the uncertainty that packing in a permanent job holds that I had to go for it.  In 2012 I qualified in Sports & Remedial massage and as many of my fellow therapists will also tell you, once you start learning new ways of applying your passion to help treating people with musculoskeletal pain the more your passion grows and the more you want to learn.

Since I first qualified as a therapist, i've felt really strongly about the hugely positive benefits that massage can give to people both emotionally and physically.  The more experience I gain working with people and the more study I do the more convinced I am that everyone should experience it for themselves.  Massage therapists do study incredibly hard to understand the anatomy and physiology  of the body in addition to learning ways of assisting people out of pain as effectively and respectfully as possible.  As someone who has has trained in a complementary approach to helping people there is nothing more rewarding than working with someone who has been experiencing a certain level of pain, discomfort or anxiety for either days, weeks, months or in many cases years and seeing how massage helps them.  To sleep better at night, to feel less anxious, to be able to play with their children on the floor or just to get back to the gym. Massage truly has endless benefits............ I'd probably quite like to get into the 'science of massage' in future blogs ( I am still a bit of a geek at heart I must admit ) but I don't want to put you off reading anything else I write quite so soon 🙂

I'd really love to use this blog as a way of talking about complementary approaches to health and wellbeing.  If anyone has any information that they also want to share, something they have read I think it would be great to talk about that.

If you've gotten this far and you're still reading then yeay... i'm so happy about that....thanks! x